Arogya Ahaara – A Fast Food Joint

The Place

Arogya Ahaara, a South Indian fast food joint, is hugely popular with corporates and families alike, especially for its lip-smacking fast food dishes and an ever so clean and hygienic premises. Situated in HSR and in JP Nagar, this place is a must visit to relish their fresh, homely and hygienic food offerings.

Their menu keeps on changing everyday and they innovate new dishes to overcome the food fatigue and monotony. But who will get tired of their scrumptious masala dosas even if you eat one daily! They have a delivery service too where customers are required to bring in their own containers. I find that really eco-friendly. However, when we placed a parcel order without taking any containers with us, they packed our food in paper containers and did not deny us their service.

Hygienic Food Joint

The thing that stands out the most in this fast food joint is the expansive layout and the impeccable hygiene of the place. They use dishwashers for cleaning the utensils and their kitchen is equipped with modern vegetable cutters and peelers for enhanced hygiene and efficiency. The place unlike most other joints is efficiently organised into segments for ordering and picking up their orders. The crowds too follow the queuing rules quite fairly.

Arogya Ahaara caters to corporates and families and also undertake party orders.

Fresh & Fast Food Joint

I personally love the masala dosa, golden hued with the right crispiness, and served with chutney. Unlimited amount of chutney is served when asked for, so do not hesitate to go and ask for it at the chutney counter. People like to dunk their idlies or dosas in copious amounts of chutney before putting a morsel in their mouths. It’s that good.

There is no sambar served with the breakfast items but I don’t regret it and as I do not enjoy the Karnataka style sambar. No offence please! The sambar served in the hotels is a bit sweet unlike the Tamilnadu sambar, and is not to my liking.

The kesari, khara bhaat and of course the chow-chow bhaat are all outstanding, but the best of all the items served here is the fluffy and the melt-in-the-mouth idlis. My son just loves the idlis from here. I have never tried their meals yet but the breakfast here is so wholesome that the meals take a backseat more often than not.

Clean and Efficient Place

It is a fast-moving place where you grab a seat on the table as and when it gets available. People share their tables and the cleaning service is super efficient. So do not linger here for long. Fill your hearts and tummies with their delicious foods and make way for the next customer soon. So you know where to find this hygienic food joint. Don’t miss it when you next go to JP Nagar or HSR layout.

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Note: This is not a paid post and is solely based on my personal experiences.