About Me & Travelarks

Brinda standing at the door a temple


Hi there!

Iā€™m Brinda ā€“ a full-time healthcare consultant turned blogger, the financial advisor of my family, an avid and enthusiastic traveler, a curious cook, and last but not the least ā€“ a homemaker of my house :), and this is my website. I live in Bangalore, have a cute dog named Nemo, and I especially like home-made Indian food.

Travelarks happened when I decided to take time off from my job to look after my young son. Over the years, it has grown post by post to become a treasure trove of my travel and food memories. I have travelled to more than 16 countries till date and hope to keep on adding my travel and food experiences from all over the world to this blog.

Travelarks is a humble attempt to get across some good travel itineraries, tips, and tried & tested recipes across to my readers.