Brera Restaurant in Seoul

The chic decor at Brera Italian Restaurant in Seoul.

We are back in Seoul to the paeans and praises of a new Italian restaurant with lots of vegetarian options for desis like us –The Brera Restaurant 🙂 New kids on the block that we are, we were raring to go and try out that place. The restaurant is not new but my hubby discovered this restaurant in Seoul rather recently and couldn’t stop raving about it. It is reputed to be the sole authentic Italian joint in Seoul with Italian chefs catering to our taste buds.

Set in the one of the alleys of Jung gu, opposite the metro station, the place is easily accessible. However, parking is not available, so it is advisable to hire a cab or to take the train. (Click on the link above to go the home page of the restaurant)

You enter Brera and are greeted with warm casual vibes that strike a chord with you. The ambience is inviting with warm lighting and a chic decor. The servers, dressed elegantly in red and black, were gracious with their smiles and quick service. In short, the place feels homely serving Italian comfort food befitting the Italian legacy.

Just the way we had it in Italy…and at the Brera Restaurant…

The menu has a gracious plenty with a lot of options for the vegetarians. We were served complimentary toasted breads with a dip of garlic butter. That small snack was good to fire up our already whetting appetite. Then, we ended up ordering a pizza Margherita dunked in the goodness of San Marzano tomatoes and buffalo mozarella, Fettucine pasta in spicy, garlicky Arrabiata sauce and Gnocchi oozing out the nutty flavours of pesto drizzled with warm herbed olive oil.

Complimentary appetizers at Brera Italian Restaurant in Seoul.

The portions were quite filling. The pastas were perfectly al-dente and we love it that way. The firm texture of the gnocchis and fettucine made sure that the sauces and herbs were not overpowering our taste buds. The mild taste of the pasta coupled beautifully well with the flavours of the added ingredients. The pizza too was crispy and thin with a good amount of sauce on it. The flavours are real authentic. It reminded us of our culinary explorations in Italy. You take a bite and you can figure it out yourself.

Gnocchi in pesto sauce
Gnocchi in pesto sauce
Fettucine in Arrabiata Sauce at Brera Italian Restaurant in Seoul.
Fettucine in Arrabiata sauce
Pizza Margherita at Brera.
Pizza Margherita

Delicious carbs on the menu at Brera

You go to an Italian joint to order the best of carbs that they have on their menu. Or else you won’t do justice to your visit. And who says, carbs are bad! Meditteranean food is not simply voted to be the healthiest of foods from around the world without its pastas and breads. The carbs play their magic on our health and is a much needed ingredient our list of to-have foods.

We need sugars as well. 😉 So, we ordered a tiramisu too as we usually do in Italian restaurants and were not disappointed. We devoured it before we could click any pictures.

On an Ending Note…

Check out their wall of fame and also the various pastas to which most of us were probably oblivious till now…They are reputed to be mentioned in the Michelin Guide mentions of 2018, 2019 and 2020. Impressive, isn’t it! So, next time you are in town, do plan a visit to this lovely Italian restaurant and enjoy a memorable meal. Till then, check out my write up on the Foods of Italy here.

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