Avoch, Scotland

Avoch, pronounced with a silent ‘v’ is a pretty fishing village off the coast of Black Isle on the Moray Firth in Scotland. It is just a 15-minute drive from Inverness, the northernmost city of Scotland, and yet has a rustic charm to it. We made Avoch as a base to explore Inverness and the Scottish Highlands. Just take a look at the AirBnB we rented and you will know why we chose this place.

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Tanera More, the AirBnB right next to the Avoch harbour.

How to reach Avoch?

We rented a car and drove down all the way from Scotland’s Glasgow airport to Callander (our first base) and then to Avoch in the Highlands near Inverness. It takes about 3 hours from Callander to Avoch via A9.

Inverness is the right place for exploring the Scottish Highlands and is quite a beauty. However, Avoch is no less! Today, let’s check out this little coastal village of Avoch with its friendly people, beautiful homes along the sea and a view of the Moray Firth.

Exploring Avoch

Avoch harbour in Scotland with the view of the sea and clear blue skies.
Avoch Harbour

We visited the harbour and chatted with the friendly locals for a while. The scenic views called for a walk around the village. We took the road along the bay and across the village to the road along the sea lined with beautiful houses. We admired the small village in its entirety – its local school, the local church, the post office, the spacious playground with a basket ball and tennis facility for the kids to play and a small rivulet crossing it all. It felt really good to be in such a lovely place. The place has good vibes all over it and if you have the perfect weather to add to it then you are in great luck.

The sea, the blue sky and a row of houses along the sea.
Harbour leading to the road along the sea. It is pet friendly.

Things to do in Avoch

For us, Avoch was the base to explore Inverness, but there are quite a few things to do in Avoch as well. If you are not staying in Avoch, then this lovely place definitely calls for a visit.

  1. Dolphin Trip (1 hour) – An hour long boat ride can be booked for about 100 GBP (prices might vary with season), just off the Avoch harbour. You can call in as well to book. Here is the link to their website.
  2. Walk along the Avoch bay by the harbour and the road ahead to take in the beauty of the Black Isle and the lovely houses sprawled along the sea. (2 hours)
  3. Stop by the Indian takeout place there by the name Gabis Tandoori to relish some hot samosas and chai.

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