A lovely tea room in Bengaluru

This one Sunday morning, we found our way to this lovely looking tea room on Cunningham Road in the heart of Bengaluru – Infinitea. The name looked promising and so did the neat little exterior. It looked like just the right place to spend some time on that lazy Sunday morning and it invited us in with its good reviews and amazing ambience.

Masala tea

How do you like your tea (chai)?

Of course, we had had our morning cuppa at home and my day does not truly begin without it. Chai’s mood-changing magic is the perfect start to my day. I need my morning chai or tea the desi way – with milk but also a bit strong with a dash of ginger and just slightly sweet. The colour of the tea says it all more often than not.

Infinitea Tea Room & Tea Store

A wall at the Infinitea tea room in Bengaluru adorned with numerous photpgraphs mostly black and white and a few yellow
Infinitea tea room

The place does have a lovely ambience with large glass windows overlooking the busy road beyond it and a wall adorned with tea-loving pics from all over the world. The place was not busy at that time of the day but I guess it must be attracting more customers over the weekdays, being the commercial hub of Bengaluru that Cunningham Road is.

The Menu

Infinitea boasts of a tea store and an interesting food-tea culture. The tea options are countless from a variety of iced teas, black teas, herbal teas, to our Indian kadak chai options and many more. Choose your pick of the moment and enjoy. (We bought a sweet kombucha to try it at home out but it did not suit our tastebuds. It is some kind of fermented tea and a good probiotic )

That said, the menu too is definitely interesting with more than 130 dishes to its credit. The food spread is amazing with a part of the menu offering healthy food options. There is a whole variety out there right from soups and pastas to artisanal breads and sandwiches. The food is aptly suited to go with your chai – be it the bombay vada pav or pav bhaji to the middle eastern falafels and even curries and rice! The spread is just right to go with your appetite and of course your chai.

The Place With the Right Vibes

I loved the double walled stainless steel tea ware – elegant to look at and not at all hot to touch. The masala tea was no less- perfectly brewed with the right added flavours of ginger and cardamom.

The service was just rightly timed and the place was sparkling clean. We spent some quality time at this tea room over cups of tea and some delicious snacks. Infinitea does celebrate the ubiquitous tea culture in a charming way. Definitely recommend this place if you are in this part of town.

The other branch of Infinitea is at Indiranagar.

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