Toasted Hummus and Vegetable Sandwich

Toasted sandwich with hummus and vegetables
Toasted Hummus and vegetable sandwich

Some impromptu sandwich with leftover hummus…

Mamma! My friend’s mom makes sandwiches for him almost everyday. I too want a sandwich tomorrow after school“. I was a tad disappointed that my son didn’t approve of the ever-appealing aloo paratha I had made for him that day. Instead it was a sandwich that he craved for.

It’s interesting to see how food habits of a child are influenced by his peers. Earlier he never had any demands on the food front and making him eat was a task. Now, cooking a variety of dishes for him, especially for his after-school snack is a big task! 😀

So with hummus and garlicky hung-curd dip sitting in the fridge, I decided to make this quick toasted hummus and veggie sandwich for him today:

Ingredients for toasted hummus and vegetable sandwich:

  • Whole wheat bread slices – as required
  • Hummus  ( I used home-made hummus) – as required
  • Garlic Dip  ( I used Wingreens farms’ hung-curd & garlic dip) – as required
  • Finely chopped onions and capsicum – as required
  • Thin Tomato slices – as required
  • Thin Cucumber slices – as required
  • Fresh, grated mozzarella cheese or processed cheese works fine as well. ( I prefer fresh cheese) – as required
  • Coarsely crushed pepper powder – to sprinkle as per taste
  • Garlic bread seasoning – to sprinkle as per taste (optional)
  • Salt- to sprinkle as per taste


Spread a spoonful of hummus and the hung-curd dip on one bread slice. Arrange the onions and capsicum on it. Next, arrange the cucumber and tomato slices on it. Season it with salt, pepper powder and garlic bread seasoning. Grate cheese on top of it and cover it with the other bread slice and press it slightly. Toast it in a sandwich grill or on a heated tava with some weight on top like a chakla or a polpat (the roti-making platform) for a nice crusted sandwich 🙂

Enjoy the healthy goodness!

Note: Also, feel free to experiment with the vegetables; however, cucumber goes very well with hummus and curd; so try and incorporate it.

If you liked this recipe then do try making the Mediterranean pizza as well. A good starter for parties and get-togethers.

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