Where to Shop When in Jaipur

The City of Jaipur is royalty personified and weaves its charm and grandiosity around tourists to transport them into the bygone era. Its lavish culture casts a similar spell on its shopping scene as well. Renowned for its historic, colorful bazaars overflowing with traditional arts and handicrafts, it effortlessly entices the tourists to step out of the comforts of their bedroom to travel and shop.

Shopping in Jaipur is a unique experience in itself…

It would be a crime if you go to Jaipur and not shop at any of the colorful bazaars out there. Jaipur is a well-planned city built by the visionary Sawai Jai Singh II with shops lined neatly along a block on Chaura Rasta and on the street close to the City Palace. These shops are very much functional today and offer tourists a shopping experience that cannot be paralleled elsewhere in the world.

The Pink City, also known as the Mecca of Shopping, is known for its:

  • textiles,
  • hand-cut gems and jewellery,
  • blue pottery,
  • traditional bandhani and zardosi clothes,
  • and its lip-smacking pickles and sweets

However, the city is a tourist trap as well for the naive tourist and one has to be careful before getting out one’s wallet 🙂

As one would realize, tourists do not have to go shopping in Jaipur but their tour guides and drivers take them to shops of their own choice and volition while they are sightseeing and there they are convinced to buy those items at enormous prices.

Hence, it is a good idea to do some online research beforehand before embarking on a shopping experience here. Having said that, I am going to suggest some shops here so that my readers can buy from the right shops at the right price. These buying recommendations are given by a friend of ours who hails from Jaipur and knows the city in and out.

What is Jaipur best known for ?

Jaipuri Razaais:

These are hand-made, light-weight bed comforters/quilts made by the local artisans of Jaipur with the process of screen printing and block printing.

  • These fluffy-looking quilts are made of high thread count cotton fabric with double stitching and the filling is made of 100% carded cotton.
  • The cost varies between Rs 500 to Rs 1500/- for one single razaai. Double bed razaais are in the range of Rs 1500 to Rs 3000/-
  • Chaura Rasta in Jaipur is the place to buy these light-weight razaais also known as ‘100gm’ razaais.

Buying Recommendation:

SML (Shyam Sunder Murari Lal Lashkery). Razai Shop No 52, 53, Chaura Rasta Rd, Nehru Bazar, Film Colony, Pink City, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302003. Phone: 09314305086

*They do home delivery

Traditional Textiles of Jaipur:

The myriad hues of Rajasthan are reflected in its Bandhanis, Lehariya, Barmeri prints, Sanganeri, Jaipuri razaais, Kota Doria, Block prints, and other traditional crafts of the region.

  • To buy these traditional varieties of clothings at budget prices, one has to scout through the narrow lanes of Bapu bazaar, Nehru bazaar, Hawa Mahal bazaar , Chandpole bazaar, Tripolia bazaar,Kishanpole bazaar, and many more.
  • Aiming for a bargain of 20-30% is a good haggling strategy in these bazaars.

Another name that deserves mention is Anokhi, which is a designer store that has been involved in reviving the traditional textile skills of Rajasthan for the past many decades. It is home to hand block printing using vegetable dyes that nurture skills and traditions of the local craftsmen towards the making of contemporary, in-demand textiles.

Jaipur Traditional Miniature Paintings:

The Ramdev brothers, who are awarded the National Award for excellence in traditional and miniature painting have opened an art studio in the City Palace of Jaipur. We met with Shyamu Ramdev, the youngest of the brothers, who threw some light on the making of these paintings – using traditional mineral & vegetable dyes and ultra-thin brushes made from squirrel hair. It was fascinating to see him draw effortlessly and see his mesmerizing creations in the studio.

If you are interested in supporting these traditional paintings, then do click here to read more about these brothers and their work.

Buying Recommendation:


*They do home delivery

Rugs & Carpets

Want to buy great quality rugs from Jaipur? Jaipur Rugs is your one-stop destination. It is an Indian company working with artisans spread across 5 states in India and sells rugs to more than 60 countries around the world. This rug company has revolutionized its business model by working directly with artisans from rural India and providing them and their communities a sustainable livelihood and income

  • Offers amazing varieties of traditional, modern and contemporary rugs in all budget ranges
  • Fine collection of hand-knotted, hand-tufted, flatweave and handloom rugs
  • International exporter of rugs across continents and is known in the US by the brand name Jaipur Living

*They do home delivery

Blue Pottery

Jaipur is the cultural hub for this art form which adorns the wall of its numerous forts and palaces. Sri Kirpal Kumbh is considered the Father of Blue Pottery in India when he resurrected this almost lost art with the patronage of royals like Maharani Gayatri Devi.

Considered Turkic-Persian in origin, blue pottery is now the traditional craft of Jaipur and is practiced widely in Sanganer (16kms from Jaipur)

  • The pottery is extremely delicate and is made from quartz and multani mitti which is then glazed for a lovely finish
  • Its name ‘blue pottery’ is derived from the cobalt blue dye used to colour these pieces
  • Prices range between Rs 200 to Rs 30,000/- depending on the work.

Buying Recommendation:

  1. Neerja International
  2. Kirpal Kumbh

Jewels of Jaipur

  • Jaipur offers a plethora of designs when it comes to jewellery. The options are so many that it becomes hard to resist drooling at the Meenakari, Kundan, Thewa, Polki and Jadau ornaments studded with precious gems that reminds one of royalty
  • Remember Aishwary Rai decked with precious ornaments in the movie Jodha Akbar!

Buying Recommendation:

  • The Gem Palace
  • Johari Bazaar – The name says it all
  • Tripolia Bazaar (Maniharon ka Rasta). The bazaar is known for its lac bangles

Traditional Foods of Jaipur

When in Jaipur eat like a local and do not miss out on the fantastic food served out there. It’s okay to miss out on some other shopping to make time to gorge on these delicacies 🙂

Jaipur serves it all – varieties of ghevar, fenis, kachoris, dal baatis, mirchi wada , papads, pickles, mangoris – all beckon you with their irresistible taste. And don’t mind if you put on a kilo or two 🙂

Buying Recommendation:

  • Laxmi Misthan Bhandar, popularly known as LMB is located in Johari bazaar in the old city and is one of the most well-rated sweet shops of Jaipur. It is known for its ghevar, kachoris, achaars (pickles), papads, and is a hygienic place to shop from.
  • Radhe Kachoriwala @ Churukon Ka Rasta, SBBJ Street, Chaura Rasta, Jaipur.
  • Shree Nath Achar Bhandar at Shop Number 181, Gurunanakpura, Raja Park, Jaipur – 302004, Opposite Parnami Sweet. Ph no: 9549777751

If you are done with shopping then do not miss out on wildlife safaris at Ranthambore, just a few hours away from Jaipur. The majestic Royal Bengal Tigers will transport you to a different world altogether. Click on the link to know more.