Satorya -stuffed mawa flatbread


Shravan is almost ending and so are the myriad festivals we witnessed this month. I am sure most of you would have gorged on a variety of sweets this month, especially the ever-favorite modaks 🙂 Yes, I made the steamed ones, the fried ones, the mawa ones and then one fine day after having my fill of modaks, I decided to try my hand at making satoris. It is one of my favorite desserts … after all who doesn’t like sweets with a flaky crust covering soft mawa inside!

Satori is a palm-sized small, flat bread stuffed with the goodness of mawa. I guess you can make satoris with other stuffings of your choice like coconut-jaggery mixture as well. 

It is almost a lost traditional Maharashtrian recipe, not found in many places in the state as well.  However, I am glad that Chitale Bandhu in Pune are keeping this traditional sweet alive and kicking! I had forgotten about this delicious dessert when I was in Bangalore and now after relishing the store-bought ones,  I wanted to try making them at home as well. The recipe is very simple and a must-try one.



Unsweetened Mawa – 200 gms

Fine rawa – 2 tbsp

Milk – 4-5 tbsp

Sugar – 1/2 cup – add slightly more or less depending on the desired sweetness. Jaggery can also be used instead of sugar

Elaichi powder – 1/2 tsp

For the outer cover:

Maida – 1 cup

Fine Rawa – 1/4 cup

Oil/Ghee – 1 tbsp

Salt – a pinch to taste

Hot Water to knead the dough

Ghee- for roasting and smearing on the satoryas


Start by preparing the dough for the outer cover. Mix maida, rawa, 1 tbsp oil, salt and mix well. To this add the hot water and knead it into a medium consistency dough (not too soft, nor too firm). Keep it covered and allow it to rest for at least 20-30 minutes.

To prepare the stuffing, heat a pan on moderate heat and dry roast the rawa. To this add the milk and mix well till it gets almost cooked. Next, add the mawa and sugar and roast it till it melts and becomes a uniform mixture. Switch off the heat and add the cardamom powder and mix well. Keep it aside for cooling. 

Now take pint-sized balls from the maida dough and roll it into a small puri. Place a little stuffing in the centre of the puri and bring the edges of the puri together to seal the stuffing inside. Roll this stuffed puri gently, taking care that the stuffing does not ooze out. Roast these satoryas on a tawa using liberal amounts of ghee. Alternatively, these can be deep fried as well.  

The satoryas puff up beautifully tempting us to gobble them up as soon as they are taken off the tawa 🙂 Serve them hot with ghee.